June Favourites

I know it’s the 7th of July, but I never managed to pop this in at the end of June. So, here are my June Favourites!
The selection of items I have been absolutely loving this month…
Organic Burst Spirulina tablets 
Before I start about how much I have been loving this product, this is a brief description of what it is essentially.
It is a blue-green vegetable micro algae which is all natural, 100% vegetarian, and Non-GMO, free of gluten, lactose, soy, pesticides, herbicides, and solvents. It’s a wonderful source of protein, carotenoids, vitamins, iron, and anti-oxidants
supports increased energy levels and boosts immunity. To be honest here, this was a favourite of mine in February too, but I ran out of it and had to repurchase it last month and happened to remember how amazing it is! I take 8 tablets a day (4 in the morning with my breakfast and 4 with my dinner) however it all depends on your energy levels during that particular day. This brand is great too, their products really do work. This product in particular has really made me notice a change in my energy levels during the day and has made me feel much less tired after an intense workout.
Pukka Three Ginger Tea
During the past week I wasn’t feeling my best, and had a flu. I would usually get a flu probably once or twice a year and hardly ever get ill, so this was certainly a struggle for me. I absolutely hate taking a lot of medication if I just have a sore throat and a cold, so I just stick to natural remedies, and believe me, it works! This tea was basically my Calpol/Day & Night Nurse.. I went through two boxes in less than a week. Pukka has been a tea brand I have always loved; their ingredients are all certified organic and come from countries such as China, Indonesia, Japan and the list goes on! This tea contains Ginger, Turmeric, Galangal, and my favourite, Liquorice. I won’t lie to you and say it takes like a cup of sweet mango juice. It definitely has a distinct taste to it like any other ginger teas, but I really liked this one because without all the sugar, it is still sweet and delicious!
Arganic Virgin Argan oil 
I am not going to talk too much about this product because it definitely is the new big thing in the Natural Beauty rage right now, and it certainly does deserve that rank. It is a versatile oil, that can be used both for beauty and part of your nutrition. This particular type of argan oil is virgin, meaning that is unrefined, 100% pure and organic. The nut is related to the olive but has a distinct flavour (smells and tastes strongly nutty) of its own; its oil is used to add flavour to dressings and soups. I also use it as an ingredient in my hair masks, making hair smooth and silky.
Extra Virgin Rapeseed oil
I had heard a lot about the benefits of Rapeseed oil for a while now and last month I decided to finally try it out. It claims to have less saturated fat and is higher in omega fatty acids than Olive oil. Prior to that time, I would be either using Coconut oil for frying or Olive oil for baking – so no complains, I love both! Trying and experimenting with new foods is essential, especially when you know they can benefit your body so much. This oil has worked really well in both salad dressings and cooking with. It’s flavour is less prominent than that of olive oil yet still makes the salad texture and flavour great. I also used it in my lentil soup to fry the onions, and the lentil soup tasted much better than when I had used it with Coconut oil/Olive oil.
Australian Organics Volumising shampoo
This stuff is amazing. It is my first time using a product from this brand and I must say I am very impressed. I have always
opted for natural shampoos and conditioners. Lush Shampoos have always been my go-to, but it reached to a point where I needed a change. This shampoo definitely does give volume and also promotes noticeable hair growth. It is however extremely fluid in consistency, so if you’re like me and pour it into your hand first, be careful it doesn’t pour straight off down the drain! Also, it doesn’t lather up as much as other products which I half expected anyway, but I use a little bit more than I would with other brands to get a decent lather. The smell is also a lovely treat whilst washing my hair, though it is definitely not overpowering.
Hair is made of 97% structural proteins called keratin so it is essential that we feed it with the most natural products and use less of the chemicals to damage it. The shampoo contains vitamins derived from plants which are organic compounds necessary for normal functioning the root hair cells. It is definitely a repurchase for me!
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