Nettle Tea

Are you getting bored of your regular detox green tea you sip on every evening? It’s time to explore the world of teas and try out this discovery I stumbled upon recently: Nettle Tea.

I had heard tonnes about this tea and all it’s spectacular benefits which left me so curious to finally try it. I could go on forever with its’ benefits, however what really struck me is that it serves as a natural headache remedy. In this day and age, painkillers (from Panadol to Paracetamol) is what most of us reach out to when we’re under pressure, stressed or just having a very long day of paperwork.

So it’s always better to choose a natural alternative that is less likely to cause any side effectS that may upset your body. According to research, this ancient herb is said to help reduce headaches significantly by improving your heart action. This enhances your blood circulation, keeping your organs and tissues healthy.

Other interesting benefits include:

  • a natural antihistamine; when the antihistamine is released through the plants small hairs, used to alleviate symptoms such as itching, runny nose, and sneezing during allergy attacks.
  • useful in expelling gravel from the bladder and dissolving kidney stones as it is a powerful blood purifier that drives out toxins and metabolic wastes by stimulating the kidneys to excrete more water. It is said to clean out the entire intestinal tract while activating the body’s natural defense mechanisms.
  • treatment for anaemia; improving the body’s ability to absorb iron. Drinking 3 to 6 cups of Nettle Leaf tea a day could help to stop the iron loss.
  • effective diuretic by increasing the removal of uric acid which helps cure edema, inflammatory arthritis or gout.
  • amazing source of calcium: ten grams of nettle contains 290 milligrams of calcium. In comparison, 10 grams of raw spinach contains 10 milligrams of calcium.
  • healthy hair and skin (acne-free) due to its high content of silica which strengthens hair and nails. It has anti-inflammatory effects for skin problems like eczema or rashes. The high amount of chlorophyll in nettles give them alkalinizing and detoxifying properties, potentially making the plant effective for treating acne.


I mean, if Nettle isn’t a superfood, I’m not sure what is?! This is definitely something to include in your diet on a more regular basis and using it for over a month now I have definitely witnessed an improvement in my energy levels and overall health.

My favourite brand for it is ‘Clippers Nettle tea’, which I brew in hot water with a squeeze of lemon. It is easy to get your hands on, as I’m pretty sure most supermarkets are now stocking it.

Make time on your way back from work/school/uni tomorrow to stop by your closest supermarket to grab yourself a pack to enjoy before bed or in the evening after dinner.




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