My Current Favourites

Recently, I’ve stumbled upon more than a few things that I’ve been loving and was eager to feature them on the blog from food to beauty and more! I’ve been using/eating these quite frequently throughout the last few months and have really enjoyed them. I love trying out new things and what better way to share the experience than on here.

Here we go:

Chocolate Flake Tea by Tea Pigs 

tea pigs chocolate flavoured tea bag

Anyone that knows me knows that the second thing I love more than chocolate is my tea – I mean the name of this one really sums up how good it is! Chocolate in tea is what dreams are made up of for me. I love all Tea Pig teas but this one really has to be the best I’ve tried from their range. The chocolate notes in it are sweet enough and not overpoweringly strong to a point where it’s richly cacao-bitter, which is what makes it such a great treat. After dinner I usually can’t help but reach for something sweet like medjool dates or dark chocolate, but for the past month I’ve been having this almost every evening and it hits the spot just right.  If you haven’t tried Tea Pigs I would suggest you make this tea flavour your first; you won’t look back!


Chia Seeds & Pudding


Chia seeds are now probably the most raved about superfood out there today. I have been using these in so much of what I cook and bake on a daily basis for years now but it’s just recently that it occured to me to start incorporating it into my breakfast. I love soaking these overnight with hazelnut milk (which I’ll be talking about below) or even just almond milk and having it the next morning. It turns into this deliciously creamy pudding that I top off with any berries and fruit I have on hand, a drizzle of maple syrup and voila! It’s such a nutritious breakfast to have – rich in omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants that will leave you beaming.

Raw Millionaire Bites by Livias Kitchen


For those that think eating healthy is having the lifestyle of a rabbit need to take moment to appreciate these dreamy bites of goodness. Can you believe these are gluten, refined sugar and dairy free?! Even after tasting these you’d still think they’re bad for you but they are far from that. A classic dessert created by one of my all time favourite health food bloggers Olivia Wollenberg from Livia’s Kitchen. When I found out these were stocked up in Selfridges (and hopefully very soon in more convenient stores) I was ecstatic. Her recipes are all mouth wateringly delicious so these had to be the bomb; and they were.  The millionaire bites come in three flavours – my favourite is the Salted Date Caramel. It has a sweet almond base with a middle layer of sticky caramel paste under a silky chocolate ganache-like spread. These also serve so well as a gift for a friend they will undoubtably love (and devour!)

Hazelnut Drink by Rude Health


I am honestly struggling on how to begin about how amazing this hazelnut drink is. I cannot put into words how delicious and good it is. It’s not until you try it will you know what I’m mad about! After recommending this to a bunch of my friends, they managed to lay their hands on it and believe me they all messaged me raving about how amazing this discovery was. Once you try this milk you will HONESTLY be converted. For any Nutella lovers out there (speaking from someone who used eat it out of the jar) this is a game changer. My favourite ways of drinking it is either with the Tea Pigs chocolate tea or (my favourite way) in HOT CHOCOLATE*! You can tell by now how excited I am about this milk..

*I heat the milk with two teaspoons of cacao powder with less than a teaspoon of coconut sugar, mix all together until nice a hot and there you have it: the perfect nutella hot chocolate.


Rosehip Oil by Trilogy 


Before buying this, I had heard tonnes about how miraculous and healing it is so there was only one way to find out if it was worth the hype. Rosehip Oil is used to help with scars, wrinkles and any uneven tone. It contains a blend of oils and vitamins which help refine and repair skin, helping to promote better hydration and smoother, softer skin. It’s also certified organic so there’s no preservatives or any questionable ingredients. I was also told that Rosehip oil is used on burns victims in hospitals and I’ve been trying to fade a couple of cooking-related burns on my arms so this has been applied religiously. Besides the fact that it actually does work, it has an pretty scent; when you apply it you’ll be smelling like a garden of roses.. almost.

 I use this at night, applying a few drops to my skin (massaging in circular motions) and hair ends as well. If you do have oily or blemish-prone skin, you can see a lot of benefits from using this oil; I know I did and the same applies for dry or normal skins as well. One thing to keep in mind though: to see results you need to be patient as it did take me about a month of regular use to notice an improvement. I highly recommend this oil; it really does the job it claims and will be repurchasing it as soon as I’m out.


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