Healthy Eating in Dubai

I was in Dubai last week for a couple of days spent with the family, making the most out of the last few days of Summer and soaking up that sunshine which was so much fun!

Dubai is known for its diversity in restaurants and especially fast food chains, so I must say, it was difficult to eat 100% clean and healthy there, without feeling funny afterwards (that’s IF your body isn’t used to it, like mine!). Nevertheless, I did my research before going and managed to eat at a few amazing places along with friends and family that I just had to tell you about (Don’t worry, I didn’t eat all that food on my own!).

They were some of the best health spots I’ve been to in ages and I couldn’t recommend them more. Some places weren’t categorised as healthy but I still managed to find amazing and delicious dishes to satisfy my cravings and enjoy what my body really needed.


Common Grounds

This has to be one of my favourite places to go in Dubai and can’t wait to visit again and try the rest of their menu. My friend and I were so lost for choice, we ended up ordering three dishes to not feel bad we didn’t later on. And let me tell you, all three were so delicious, packed full of magical flavours.  It’s just amazing – you have to go if you’re around!

The decor and atmosphere were perfect; so cosy and retro yet very inviting. The menu was not limited to veggie dishes but also had great meat dishes too; for any omnivores out there, the options are wide.

I had a beautiful plate of veggie tacos with green lentils, avocado, beansprouts, pumpkin seeds and a creamy tahini dressing – it might not sound that special, but trust me, it really was. My friend went for the Baharat Bowl which she absolutely loved too and as for the falafel bowl, it’s a serious shame it was only a  chef special and isn’t always featured on their menu because it was seriously delectable! All in all, it’s such a nice place to hang out after a lengthy day of shopping or activities.


Veggie Green Tacos


Super Grain Falafel Bowl


Warm Baharat Chicken Bowl



Stomping Grounds

This place is definitely a competitor with the first as it’s also so fantastic. It’s more hipster and has an american healthy  cafe vibe to it (that’s how I felt anyway!). I loved the decor, with the wooden interior and suspended light bulbs; it gave the place an awesome and very warm feel to it– they have a great outdoor area where you can watch the world go by and soak up some sun but in our case, sitting in Summer outside in Dubai isn’t always ideal to enjoy a good meal.

Their menu is fun and you can pick and mix with the ingredients; I loved how flexible both the menu and staff were. They have beautiful chia bowls alongside egg dishes (whereby the eggs are locally sourced and are 100% organic), delicious smoothies, hot drinks and a wide selection of salads. I’d recommend this as a breakfast stop to energise a day of exploring.

Matcha Latte with Almond milk


Chia Pudding with Coconut milk and fruit


Plain Omelette on Toast




Definitely not the healthiest of places to go but I loved the choice of salads on their menu and side dishes as my family were keen to try the place out. Can I just say, this salad has to be on my top three favourite salads considering there wasn’t much to it; the dressing was the game changer here. The juicy roasted beetroot alongside the fresh rocket and roasted walnuts complimented each other so well, it was a mouthful of goodness. The dressing was creamy and tangy but slightly sweet; tahini as the base and honey as the sweetener in addition to fresh lime juice.

I recommend this place for a light dinner with friends or family; these three dishes are ideal to order if you don’t fancy their popular (grass-fed) burgers or steaks.

Beetroot & Avocado Salad


Sweet Potato Chips & Steamed Broccoli




“There’s always room for dessert” is a quote I live by. Ever since I was a child, after any main meal, be it lunch or dinner, I never fill myself up and wipe my plate clean just so I have room for dessert. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine that I won’t ever give up. The key to my persistence in staying healthy and never “cheating” is because I don’t feel the need to when there are beautiful and delicious healthy alternatives for sweet treats out there. One, they make me feel good and satisfied after having them without that sugar rush then sugar crash and two, they’re nourishing in the right quantities.

Now, to get to my main point; this place is GORGEOUS. Their raw tarts are so creamy and flavoursome it will leave you speechless. Literally.

My friend ordered the “Nutella” tart and she could not believe it had no “real Nutella” in it. It tasted almost identical and just that tad bit better too! Crazy, I know. We also got the “Reese’s” Tart which is perfect for any peanut butter lovers out there; it was creamy, chocolatey and crunchy!


“Nutella” Sheikha Tart


“Reese’s” Sheikha Tart


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