Farmacy | Eating Out

With an ethos like “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” , you know you’re in for a whole new food experience. And that was 100% right!

Situated just a throw away from Bayswater Station and within the heart of Nottinghill, I am now just anticipating patiently for more branches to scatter around London, spreading more food positivity around the city.

Farmacy ‘s  health-conscious vegetarian/vegan dishes and incredibly delicious desserts had my mouth water just by the look of them.


The vibe the restaurant encompasses is relaxing, cosy but not too claustrophobic; it is the perfect size but still make sure you try booking in advance to avoid disappointment.

With its on trend location and even trendier décor; the rustic wooden topped tables, suspended lights and natural touches throughout, the restaurant is inviting and its staff live up to the look.

As we all know, presentation is everything and Farmacy seem to have this art down to a T especially when it comes to their dishes and drinks. All of which I’m certain would make any social media lover desperate to post an artsy photo of their meal hash tagging #LifestyleGOALS or creating “inspo” board’s to give their followers a severe case of FOMO.

In terms of portion sizes, well reminiscent of Goldilocks’ infamous saying – they aren’t too big or small but just right. So even if you do want to gorge on all that they have to offer you won’t walk away feeling bloated, uncomfortable or have that riddled feeling of guilt like how we all do after we’ve tucked into a greasy burger or cheesy thick crust pizza. Sounds like a winner to me!

As my friend and I were overly famished that evening, we decided to order a few dishes and “test” them out. For our main course we went for the incredible “House Classic Pizzetta” and “Mexican Bowl”, both being perfect sizes.

Both were tasty and satisfying but the pizzetta definitely takes the top spot. If you haven’t tried sourdough, cashew cheese pizza before, but like the idea of a healthier version of an old favourite, this is a real winner. The crust was delicately balanced and I’d go so far as to say this was one of the best pizzas I’ve eaten.

The mexican bowl was also deliciously satisfying, and you’ll have to take Farmacy’s word for it on the nutritional benefits because this bowl certainly did not taste like the clean, green dish we were expecting. The tortilla chips were every bit as crunchy, and the guac as well as the beans were spicy and creamy without the heaviness. If you order one dish at Farmacy and you’re not extremely hungry but need that energy kick with a mouthful of delicacy then make it this bowl – it will change your opinion of plant-based food forever.

We also ordered a side of sweet potato fries which were cut thinly to perfection and made the ideal combo with the guacamole. This is a perfect sharing side because you just can’t go wrong with a good cup of fries!

Mexican Bowl


Classic Pizzetta


Sweet Potato “Fries”


The dessert menu presented an unusual dilemma as, like most diners with stricter dietary requirements, I’ve become accustomed to either little or no options on sweet menus. At Farmacy however, we were spoilt for choice and after much deliberation opted for the cinnamon roll with vanilla ice cream and the brownie sundae. The latter was easily enough for two people with layers of vanilla nice cream, seasonal fruits, raw cacao & housemade maca caramel. The cinnamon roll was an impressive healthier take on the classic with bursting flavours and textures drizzled with maple syrup and a creamy scoop vanilla ice cream. It was a vibrant celebration of how flavoursome natural, plant-based eating can be.

The hot chocolate we also had disappointed only slightly in the sense that the cacao was extremely strong and borderline bitter. We did suggest this to the workers and they were more than happy to receive the feedback and take it on board.

Cinnamon Roll 


All in all, a visit to Farmacy isn’t just about feeding your stomach but also an experience for a more health conscious way of feeding your soul too. Hippocrates, father of modern medicine, would certainly approve and that’s surely high praise.

For more info:

Sarah's Cookery

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