My Favourite Cafes To Work From

Leaving the house and sitting in a coffee shop for me is one of the great ways to get my work done efficiently, with very few distractions.

However, as a University student, a coffee shop in my opinion needs to uphold four things:

1. It must have a work vibe to it. If others are working and focussed it encourages you to do the same. It also needs to be somewhat relaxed; not a restaurant that’s going to kick you out if you don’t order a snack/meal every hour.

2. A good coffee shop to get work done in is one with sockets. You don’t want your laptop charge running out before you’ve sipped your drink!

3. Wifi is essential. I’m not sure I need to really explain this one, it’s obvious: no wifi – no work! There truly is nothing more infuriating than buying your latte, finding a good seat, unpacking and to then find you can’t get started.

4. Finally, quality lattes! I always go for a Matcha (surprise surprise!) and if they don’t have that, then I’d either go for a hot chocolate or decaf latte.

Taking these points into account, here is a list of my favourite coffee shops in London for workaholics:

Le Pain Quotidien, Notting Hill

The Le Pain I love is in Notting Hill, right by the station. This one is practically empty most of the time, and as it’s quite big with two floors – no one seems to ever sit upstairs! This can be a hit or miss when it comes to cafes as it is a restaurant too, but this branch doesn’t get quite as busy as other locations I’ve been to!

Notes Coffee, Kings Cross

This coffee shop is local to my university so it’s somewhere I’d usually go if the library is too packed. The deal here is excellent coffee, reliable wifi, and a distraction-free environment for getting work done. The upstairs area is the best place to do some work, where you’re farther away from the chatting customers on the ground floor. 

Timberyard, Seven Dials

This is one of my favourite coffee shops in London, and the ultimate creative hub. Unlike most coffee shops on this list that do have quite a combination of catchups to computers; Timberyards normally filled with more computers on site than conversation. This place ticks all four of my requirements above, so there is no surprise that by mid-day it’s a nightmare to get a seat! I’d recommend you go there nice and early for a more spacious and quiet zone.

Deliciously Ella, Weighhouse St.

Hands down one of my favourite go-to places for both being efficient but also having a great catch up with friends. Super accessible by public transport since it’s situated right behind Bond St. station. Their lattes are my absolute dream; I always get either their turmeric latte or matcha. It’s extremely trendy and a great spot to focus and get work done!

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