Current Skincare Favourites

It’s been a while since I last spoke about some of the skincare I’ve been turning to lately, so I thought I’d fill you in on some of the products I’ve discovered into my routine.

I rarely tend to use a plethora of different products but when I do, I try to keep it simple and minimal. This usually depends on the weather and state of my skin.

Below, you’ll see my current favourite moisturiser, night time moisturiser/serum and the face oil I use along with the Jade roller (which I’ll cover more about in a second).

Before I get into this, I’d just like to emphasise that this is what works for MY skin and not necessarily someone else’s. My skin type is oily-combination and I’ve seen results with these products; I really love them and they seemed to have all worked well together too!

Pai Geranium & Thistle Day Cream

You know when you try a product for the first time and you actually say ‘wow’ out loud? That’s exactly what happened when I used this day cream. It’s one of the most beautiful moisturisers I’ve ever come across. The best way to describe this is that it’s a skin treatment in a bottle. You have the most relaxing and therapeutic smell from the incredible ingredients of geranium and thistle. Since my skin is more towards the oily spectrum of combination, I like to use creams that aren’t heavy and sink in fast; in that aspect, it definitely does that. This is a truly stunning product and it’s a true pleasure to use it.

Neals Yard Beauty Sleep Concentrate

Neals Yard has been one of my all time favourite skincare brands for years now! I use most of their products since they’re predominantly natural and very gentle on the skin. So, when popping into their counter to pay for the rose toner I normally use, I was given a sample of this serum. I was so hooked after using it. I have seen an incredible difference; my skin tone has improved, it’s definitely a tonne softer and rejuvenated with no breakouts whatsoever. Best of all, the smell is divine; it’s recommended you inhale the scent before applying as it really promotes a feeling of relaxation. It’s undoubtedly an experience and that’s why I’ve been so loyal to this brand!

Avalon Organics Intense Defense Oil

Many best anti-aging products for skin rejuvenation will include Vitamin C in large quantities but some of the products that include it don’t actually work because they haven’t been well formulated. I researched a lot until I settled for this brand because I genuinely believe it worked for me. I use a drop on my whole face and massage it in before I sleep four times a week. I honestly wake up with firmer and brighter skin the next morning whether I’ve slept 6 or 12 hours. I know I’m not the best person to hear a review on Vitamin C oil from since I am only in my early 20s however I did ask my mother to try it for a week and she’s now gotten through one bottle already! Vitamin C is amazing for treating dark spots and reducing fine lines/wrinkles so make sure you get your hands on a good quality product.

The Jade Roller

After hearing a tonne about the ubiquitous jade roller for the past year or so, I knew it was time to test one for myself. First, a little historical context: “Jade rollers date back thousands of years. The Chinese empresses and emperors were first to use it for smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles and to promote a brighter complexion.” And why jade over other stones? “In Chinese culture, jade is referred to as the ‘stone of heaven’ or ‘the emperor’s stone’ and is a symbol of purity, health, and spirituality. Only the emperors and empresses could afford to use it. Jade is believed to have healing properties, as it expels toxins, heals stressed organs, and slows down prematurely aging skin cells.”

You start at the center of the face—under the eyes and cheekbones—and work your way out to the hairline. Then move down to the jawline, again starting at the center of the chin and moving out along the jawbone. To end, roll from the bottom of the ear down the neck towards the center of the jawbone—this helps to drain all the lymph to the lymph nodes. Again, lymphatic drainage (aka flushing your body of toxins) is the goal here. That means less puffy morning face and more well-rested super hero complexion!! After using it for three months now (but not religiously everyday – which I now aim to do) I’ve noticed that my face is much less puffy and more defined; the goal here essentially!

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