Mexican Herb Guacamole

This is one of my all time favourite side dishes, especially when you are short on time and want something both delicious and filling. It makes the perfect lunchbox, on-the-go small dish and goes well with sweet potatoes or just simply with your favourite tortilla chips. The lemon and olive oil bring out the richness in flavour of the avocado, keeping it creamy and delicious. … Continue reading Mexican Herb Guacamole

Healthy “Nutella”

Ever since I was a kid my ultimate dream of a dessert/all time comfort food is chocolate hazelnut spread. I used to devour a whole jar of Nutella for myself! Eventually, I realised it was basically nothing but refined sugar and palm oil with soy lecithin and empty calories with no nutrition at all. And so I just quit buying it and made my own instead, … Continue reading Healthy “Nutella”