Wulf & Lamb | Eating Out

If you love the idea of comfort food with a conscience, Wulf and Lamb provides it by the bucketful! Tucked away on a quiet lane behind Sloane Square, the café has a take away counter downstairs with table seating. Upstairs the main dining area is quieter and larger with a loft-like feel. The decor is a calming green with red accents. There are a few … Continue reading Wulf & Lamb | Eating Out

My acne story & current skincare

I’ve been meaning to write this blogpost for a while now as I didn’t get the chance to gather my thoughts and finally review my skin experience earlier. After suffering from acne for quite a while, I would say around a year (which felt like a lifetime!) I did find myself struggling to find the perfect skincare regime that best suits me. I thought now … Continue reading My acne story & current skincare

Farmacy | Eating Out

With an ethos like “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” , you know you’re in for a whole new food experience. And that was 100% right! Situated just a throw away from Bayswater Station and within the heart of Nottinghill, I am now just anticipating patiently for more branches to scatter around London, spreading more food positivity around the city. Farmacy ‘s  health-conscious vegetarian/vegan dishes and incredibly delicious … Continue reading Farmacy | Eating Out

My Current Favourites

Recently, I’ve stumbled upon more than a few things that I’ve been loving and was eager to feature them on the blog from food to beauty and more! I’ve been using/eating these quite frequently throughout the last few months and have really enjoyed them. I love trying out new things and what better way to share the experience than on here. Here we go: Chocolate … Continue reading My Current Favourites

The Gate | Eating Out

I’m starting a new series “Eating Out”, where I put up a blog post and chat about a favourite place that I’ve eaten recently. Living in London, there are endless choices of places to eat out, so I do count myself lucky especially that the majority of what I eat is plant-based and dairy free. Although I’ve lived here my whole life, I discover places almost … Continue reading The Gate | Eating Out