Egyptian Baked Falafel 

Food is deeply personal and becomes rooted in us at a very young age. For most of us, our comfort food  is what we grew up eating. The special meals our mothers made for us in celebration, or even just the simple daily meals we ate together as a family. Falafel is definitely one of […]

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Dessert, Dips & Sauces, Snacks

Healthy “Nutella”

Ever since I was a kid my ultimate dream of a dessert/all time comfort food is chocolate hazelnut spread. I used to devour a whole jar of Nutella for myself! Eventually, I realised it was basically nothing but refined sugar and palm oil with soy lecithin and empty calories with no nutrition at all. And so […]

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Chocolate Dessert Porridge

I have always had a huge addiction to nut butters and Almond butter is without a doubt one of my favourite foods; it has both a nutty and sweet flavour. A combo which I absolutely love! This recipe totally reflects my love of them, with a recipe that’s all about warmth, comfort and energy. This […]

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