Chia Pizza (gluten-free)

My favourite thing about eating clean is that it never is about deprivation and any food I liked ever since I was younger, I could still have. The bonus is the richer taste, and the nutrition that comes with it. I have always loved my thin crust pizza and I believe this pizza has outdone […]

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Dessert, Snacks

Chocolate Energy Truffles

A few weeks back I had exams and naturally needed a pick me up and a boost of energy to keep me going with revision. My favourite thing about this recipe is that there is no baking necessary and it is one of the fastest treats to curb your sweet treat craving. They are the […]

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Chocolate Dessert Porridge

I have always had a huge addiction to nut butters and Almond butter is without a doubt one of my favourite foods; it has both a nutty and sweet flavour. A combo which I absolutely love! This recipe totally reflects my love of them, with a recipe that’s all about warmth, comfort and energy. This […]

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