Welcome to my website and thank you for taking the time to explore it. I hope it brings you inspiration, happiness and health that you and your body deserve.

My main goal in creating Sarah’s Cookery is to reach out to as many people to help sustain a more balanced lifestyle, away from deprivation and extremities that would normally have the opposite effect.

I believe health is about being more than just what you eat and how much you exercise but also about being mindful. The important thing is to make time to relax to balance out all the busy elements in our life.

I wasn’t always this healthy. Contrary to popular belief, as a teenager I ate really badly and was constantly on “fad diets”. My skin was dull,  and I constantly complained of being tired. 

Gradually, I realised I had to change this and so I learnt to cook and started eating whole foods; I found I was slowly falling in love with food, and life. 

Food is such an important part of everyones life; what kind of food we feed our body makes us who we are and helps the way we think and feel. Having a balanced, clean diet can be simple, fun and delicious and this is what I aim to share!


All the good your way,

Sarah x

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