Vanilla Lemon Scones

If you know me, you’d be well aware that scones were and still are one of my go to treats. I absolutely love their buttery texture, not too overpoweringly sweet either and put me in the best mood ever. Combining two of my favourite flavours, lemon and vanilla in this scone recipe is heaven in a mouthful (in my world anyway). Everyone loved (whew!) devouring … Continue reading Vanilla Lemon Scones

Chocolate Pancakes with Coconut drizzle 

Pancakes are definitely my favorite breakfast. Don’t get me wrong, I love my hearty bowl of oats, avocado toast or even just a big cup of an almond butter chocolate smoothie. But to me, nothing beats flipping pancakes, stacking them tall, and topping them with fresh fruit & a drizzle of homemade sweet sauces or just simply with maple syrup. I ate relatively healthy most … Continue reading Chocolate Pancakes with Coconut drizzle 

Nutella Banana Porridge

What’s better than chocolate for breakfast!? Seriously tastes so decadent – it’s ‪‎sugar-free,‬ ‪‎dairy-free‬ and good for you! Comforting, rich Nutella chocolate porridge is the way to go. Chocolate porridge isn’t something you really come across and I know it may take a while to ‘sell’ the idea of chocolate porridge to some people. I say don’t knock it until you have tried it! It … Continue reading Nutella Banana Porridge

Quinoa Energy Bars

During the week I managed to spare some time and get into the kitchen to create an easy, delicious snack I can carry along with me when I’m feeling peckish and need an afternoon pick-me-up. It’s a no bake recipe and the perfect portable snack for picnics and family outings or in a carry-on lunch all year long. These are a much healthier and tastier alternative … Continue reading Quinoa Energy Bars

Apple and Berry Crumble

Now that it’s the holidays and I have more time on my hands, I’m ready to get on the festive baking bandwagon. Today I’m sharing one of my all time favourite recipes for this way-too-easy Apple and Berry breakfast crumble. I originally had no intention of creating a dessert recipe that could double as breakfast, or a breakfast recipe that you could call dessert.  But, I … Continue reading Apple and Berry Crumble

Skin Glow Green Smoothie 

Today’s recipe is another delicious green smoothie! If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I’m addicted to green smoothies and juices recently. There is no hiding it, I love them! They taste amazing even though they don’t look appealing when you’re a newbie.  You feel so great and energised after having them as they are packed with so much nutrition from the banana, … Continue reading Skin Glow Green Smoothie