Easy Falafel & Tzatziki dip

Easy is the keyword here! Throwing together this recipe is absolute bliss. I mean, not only are they totes healthy, but they’re just a few ingredients, some spices, and in the blink of an eye, they’re done and gone. They go with everything too! Salads, sandwiches. wraps, you can make burgers out of them, the creativity and possibilities are endless when it comes to these … Continue reading Easy Falafel & Tzatziki dip

Za’atar Roasted Cauliflower Salad

Growing up, I never thought a day would come where most my meals would consist of so many veggies, considering I loved my chicken and rice so much. I just liked to stay in my comfort zone and stick to what my mum cooked me, never thinking to branch out. It’s a lot different now; I absolutely love trying new foods, flavours and experimenting with … Continue reading Za’atar Roasted Cauliflower Salad

Quinoa Pineapple & Bean Salad 

Recently I’ve been experimenting more with oil-free cooking; not long term ofcourse but something I do once in a while to help re energise my body and feed it with as much fresh ingredients possible. Not to worry: I’m making sure to get plenty of healthy fat in other ways. I’m just enjoying the challenge of using foods close to their whole form, particularly fats. I … Continue reading Quinoa Pineapple & Bean Salad 

Maqluba”Upside Down” Cake

Every family has their own way of preparing Maqluba, which means “upside-down” in Arabic. This delicious savoury cake dish has countless variations in ingredients, measurements and technique. The basic method is this: a large cooking pot is layered with vegetables and rice; it’s cooked on the stove and flipped upside-down onto a large platter and served with yogurt on the side. In my version, I will … Continue reading Maqluba”Upside Down” Cake

Mediterranean Roasted Potatoes

Potatoes are the perfect food for being creative with the spices you use, and it’s definitely my go-to side dish when I’m cooking a feast for family or friends. They’re hard to mess up and everyone seems to love them. This dish is infused with wonderful sweet chilli spices that aren’t too overpowering. The zaatar really sets this dish from anything else I’ve had; it … Continue reading Mediterranean Roasted Potatoes