Beetroot & Lentil Greek Salad

A couple of weeks ago I tried out a new restaurant, “The Real Greek” and I had the most amazing, bursting in flavour beetroot salad that inspired me to make this recipe. (Sidenote: their entire menu was incredible and you will be left lost for choice.)

Some people aren’t down with beetroot; a bit like Marmite. Most seem to have some unpleasant childhood memories of them just like brussels sprouts, tomatoes and broccoli. And that’s completely understandable because you can’t just slop some plain boiled sprouts or a pile of raw shredded beetroot on a plate and expect your child (or anyone) to be thrilled by it.

This salad is one that I think could convert a beetroot hater. These earthy purple bulbs of goodness get paired with protein packed lentils, because they compliment each other really well. It’s all going to get tossed in an acidic and slightly sweet dressing. It gets mixed with fresh dill, then topped with a buttery, ripe avocado for a creamier  texture and crunchy slices of spring onions.

Both the beetroot and the lentils travel well if you’re taking this with you. Just pack the dressing on the side for a beautiful and filling weekday lunch at home or at work.



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3 beetroots, steamed/boiled

1/2 spring onion

1/2 cup fresh dill

3/4 cup puy lentils, cooked and cooled

1/2 avocado

1/2 lemon, juice and zest

1 tbsp honey

1 tbsp ground sumac

1/2 tsp chillies



Roughly chop the beetroot into small cubes and toss in the lentils in a bowl. Slice the dill finely as well as the spring onion and mix into the bowl. Pour in the lemon juice/zest, honey, sumac and chillies.

Serve on a small plate or store for packed lunch.





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