Piña Colada Smoothie

This Piña Colada recipe is so simple and super easy to make as either a smoothie or a healthier beverage. Creamy, frothy, sweet. It’s Hawaii in a glass.

The thought to recreate a healthier version of the traditional piña colada came to me after a friend once expressed how delicious they once had it at the TGI Friday overlooking the dancing fountains in Dubai. It was a light bulb moment to start experimenting with more healthier ingredients to achieve the same goodness in flavour and texture; like you’re drinking a tropical milkshake!

I’ve made this smoothie at least 4 times, and I’ve yet to have had enough. Each time, I make it a little bit different, depending on whether I want it to be creamy dreamy and dessert-like, or lighter and “greener” (in which case I add a handful of spinach, but that is not necessary for this particular recipe).

Got the tingles? Fresh pineapple has an enzyme in it called bromelain that can make your mouth and tongue tingle when you eat it. Some people don’t mind it, but others find that they really can’t stand it. If you don’t like eating fresh pineapple for that reason, try using canned pineapple in this recipe instead. Just make sure to choose pineapple that is canned in water or natural juice instead of syrup.




Serves 4


3 cups frozen pineapple {about 3/4 whole pineapple}

3/4 cup coconut milk

Juice of 1 lime 

1/2 cup raw coconut (or desiccated coconut)

1 cup ice (optional)



Add all ingredients to a blender, and blend until smooth. Add more ice and/or coconut milk if needed. Serve cool and enjoy!

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