Creamy Mango Smoothie Bowl

This Creamy Mango Smoothie Bowl is my favourite breakfast for this time of year, along with it’s other fellow berry açai bowls!

I made this using coconut milk, frozen banana and beautiful ripe mango. It’s the perfect, healthy and “treat-like” breakfast.

I made it with coconut milk because I just LOVE the flavour and texture that coconut milk adds to a smoothie. It gives it that extra creamy, decadent feel which, let’s be real, is what we all want from breakfast!

The base of the smoothie is frozen bananas and then I added a little mango. You could definitely make it with any fruit really! Then I added a little turmeric, which is completely optional! I just love it because of it’s anti-inflammatory properties but remains quite subtle in flavour and gives an incredible golden sunshine colour to the bowl.

I then topped it with my absolute favourite: toasted coconut, more banana and mango! YUMMMM!

Serves 2


2 Frozen Bananas

1/2 Cup Mango Chunks

300ml Coconut Milk

2 tsp Turmeric

2 tsp Honey/Maple Syrup (optional)


Sliced Banana

Toasted Coconut Flakes

Mango Chunks


Place all the ingredients in your blender and blend on high speed until smooth. Add more liquid or honey/maple syrup if desired.Top with toppings of your choice and add a little drizzle of coconut milk for extra creaminess.

Serve and enjoy!

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