Dessert, Snacks

Salted Cookie Dough Squares

These have to be by far the best bake batch I’ve made! These dough squares are full of flavour; melted chocolate chips at the centre and a bite that melts in the mouth. It’s great for sweet cravings; there is absolutely no compromise in flavour with this recipe. Just a warning, you may or may […]

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Breakfast, Dessert

Apple Winter Crumble

Nearing the end of November and beginning of the month of December only means one thing. Winter is upon us! What better way to start a chilly, crispy morning with a delicious bowl of warm apple crumble (with vanilla ice cream if you desire for an added texture and flavour). Since it’s also the apple […]

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Mini Chocolate Tarts

Nothing sounds or tastes better than a delicious batch of chocolate tarts. This recipe is super easy and will not take long to make.  These are perfect if you want some kicking around for a sweet tooth craving, or if you want to impress your friends, bring these to an event!  These are also very kid-friendly […]

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