My Favourite Matcha Latte

If you know me, you will know how much of a Matcha obsessive I am. I really do think Matcha is like Marmite; you either love or hate it!

I’ve always been a Green Tea person. I’m that friend who goes to Asian restaurants and gets super excited over having their Green Tea whilst the mains get cooked. So for me, Matcha is like the candy to my tea cupboard. I promise I’m not a hipster, or tries to be one either!

Some people like to have Matcha Tea with hot water alone. I personally don’t prefer that; I find it quite bitter and bland without the milk. For this reason, I am officially sharing with you my favourite kind of Matcha Latte! I like to add in a little cinnamon and a teeny bit of maple syrup to really bring out that soul warming flavour in the Matcha.

Needless to say, Matcha is super great for your body and mind. It’s packed full of antioxidants and is a gentler source of caffeine that will give you that perfect “wake me up” feeling!


1/2 cup hot water

1/2 cup hazelnut milk (this is important!)

1 tsp matcha tea powder

Pinch of cinnamon powder

1 tbsp maple syrup


Add the matcha tea powder and cinnamon to a small amount of hot water into your mug. The Matcha powder I use is this one.

Whisk briskly in a up-and-down direction to make a thick, green paste.

Pour hot hazelnut milk, maple syrup and water into the paste and stir.

Serve and enjoy warm!

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